Bernie Sanders Annoyed With Clinton's Demented Vote Recounts - Mike Swanson (11/28/2016)

Bernie Sanders said a Clinton recount will achieve nothing and became annoyed when a CNN talking head kept asking him about it.

Sanders wants to move on and do work and sees the recount as a silly distraction.

Now the important thing to do is put fire on Trump to make sure he does good things and not bad things.

The recount though is the only thing that is keeping Clinton in the news and the only thing she is able to do in order to keep her following of Clinton robots.

So the recount has become a big issue that must be pressed by Clinton media allies as shown in this clip.

Clinton is now pressing to do a recount challenge on the basis that "outside forces" may have interfered and hacked in the election even though her lawyers say that they have zero evidence of this.

It is only a way for her to stay in the news and be relevant.

No Presidential candidate ever has demanded recounts weeks after an election and after they already conceded.

Her actions show what a vicious person she truly is.

The Democrat Party must turn away from Clinton and follow the leadership of real people like Sanders or it will become a small regional political party that serves only the Clinton machine and Wall Street and gains the support of only a small fraction of the population with appeals to fear (everything is a Russian plot) and playing on hate (if you are not with Clinton you are "deplorable").

This type of talk made her lose the election and she cannot stop talking like this, because she is totally irresponsible. Well we knew that as she couldn't even handle her own emails properly.

She learned nothing from the election just as she learned nothing from the war in Iraq as she annihilated the nation of Libya in order to do "nation building" there and pushed for a mad war in Syria to try to do the same thing again.

She is incapable of learning from history or her own experiences.

We are all lucky she did not become President.

Ironically the best thing that has happened to Clinton voters is her loss, because now they can free themselves from her fear talk and attempts to control them and begin to think and act for themselves and cease to be political robots.

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