Listen to My Interview About Successful Trading Strategies - Mike Swanson (10/31/2016)

This comprehensive interview I did with is well worth listening to.

It wasn't the typical interview about current market action I usually am asked to do, but instead it was about successful trading and investing strategies.

You can listen to it here.

This interview I did in March was part of a series of 13 interviews host Steven Cawiezell did with top traders and top market timers. It is similar to the famous MarketWizards series.

He took all of the interviews too and had them transcribed and published in a book titled Expert Trading Systems. It's available on and I actually am currently reading it right now.

Topics discussed:

1)How the trading world has evolved since I got started in the 1990's.

2)How more and more people are trading ETF's instead of stocks and how this is impacting how they see the stock market.

3)How I use ETF's with a specific money management strategy to reduce risks and smooth out returns.

4)How a dumbing down process has been going on in the financial media in the past few years to set people up for failure.

Again to listen to the interview just go here.

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