CNBC Fast Money Sinks to New Lows - Mike Swanson (09/23/2016)

This is CNBC and this is why it is one of the most unprofessional networks on TV.

Here they have a guest on that is long gold stocks this year and likely beating the stock market averages, because they have gone up like 5X more than the S&P 500 has year to date but since he warns people on the stock market they attack him.

He says he is interested in shorting stocks so they get him on the show to smear him.

Anyone who does not agree with the producer and production values of CNBC gets attacked.

CNBC people never tell people to take money off the table after huge rallies.

What was this yelling CNBC guy telling people in 2008 before the crash?

Will he warn before the next big drop?

Or does he just say buy at any price and just pray?

CNBC ratings are so low now that they don't even report them.

It's a garbage network with garbage people that produce it.

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