Jim Rogers Tries to Warn Stock Market Small Fries - Mike Swanson (08/23/2016)

Jim Rogers in this video tries to warn stock market small fries on the coming financial turmoil he sees coming.

Right now stock market volatility has vanished and the market is trading like a dead money penny stock that barely moves anymore.

At the same time the stock market bubble bull has gone on vacation and feels like he no longer has to make a decision or think anymore in the belief that Janet Yellen will make the stock market go up for him forever.

To the stock market bubble bull the stock market is an entitlement mechanism that is supposed to go up for him in return for his loyalty in watching CNBC and believing in government action.

Twenty years ago stock market investors thought of Warren Buffet as their hero, but today the stock market bubble bulls worships Janet Yellen and places total faith in Fed action.

But when turmoil comes he will be left holding the bag again.

The crazy thing is market swings and volatility enable those who prepare to profit from them.

Rogers tries to wake people up, but all he has done for himself is made himself into an object of hate by the lazy stock market market bubble bulls.

Here are comments made in response to this video:

Sophie, the millennial meat-puppet is totally clueless. What an annoying idiot!


heard this before....then nothing


No crash until DOW hits 30,000


Jim Rogers = little fat shit with a bow tie

This is the type of thinking processes bubble bulls are engaging in now.

Anyone who tries to tell them to diversify or invest wisely they dismiss and attack.

Right now people are just about as bullish on the stock market as they can get.

Of course what is crazy about all of this is that anyone can do well in the coming years.

All they need to do is get involved in what is now a long-term gold bull price chart market.

Bull markets have pullbacks and dips at times, but over 3-5 years they go up.

Gold stocks have been the best investments so far this year and I believe that will continue to be the case for the next few years.

Mass investors in the United States have been trained to put half their money into the US stock market and half into government bonds.

If they would just put 10% or 20% or 30% of their money into gold they could not only survive any future turmoil, but thrive.

But few will do it, because they do not want to make changes as that means doing something different than what CNBC and their TV tells them to do. If they make a decision or do something different they fear being "wrong" by going against TV.

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