Stock Market Dumps after BREXIT Gold Soars - Mike Swanson (06/24/2016)


We can now expect to see stock market losses to begin again after the BREXIT vote and gold to continue higher.

I did an interview about the BREXIT vote yesterday before the vote and why I thought the stock market was going to fall no matter what the results of that vote would be in the above interview.

The reality is that the markets were setup to drop anyway no matter what the vote was!

This reality will be lost to people though as CNBC will not dare talk about it.

All that is really happening is that the BREXIT vote is simply intensifying market moves that were setup to happen anyway this year.

I did a post on why a big move was setup to come a few days ago here.

I was wrong in the interview thinking that the BREXIT vote would lose.

I simply was looking at the news and what they were saying like everyone else.

But I was right about the stock market and gold, but that is because I do not look at the news to make my decisions there.

I sure as heck do not make my decisions based on CNBC!

The reality is that the market has been dead money for over a year now in a bearish setup.

People got hit last August and January so sudden declines are nothing new.

And gold began a new bull market earlier this year so gold gains are just par for the course there.

The important thing about BREXIT is that you need to stick to real trading analysis and investment principles.

You need ways to analyze what the big trends of the market are and stick with them.

BREXIT is not going to change these big trends nor is it making new ones.

So making money in 2016 is about focusing on gold, silver, and mining stocks going forward.

Buying things like Apple and hoping they will make new highs and go higher has already been a failed strategy.

It is just failing again now like it has failed for almost two years now.

The gold bull market is real and I posted yesterday the best proof that the gold bears are mistaken and wrong.

I am going to try to get interviews lined up today for you.

I am going to to try to talk to David Morgan today and David Skarica in a live video on the close or at 5PM EST.

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