Alan Greenspan Says Negative Interest Rates Don't Work - Mike Swanson (03/01/2016)

“Negative interests rates have no effect, why? Because people are willing to accept, essentially, a negative interest rate to hold the claims of these particular countries. That's going to change if this goes on indefinitely because somebody's going to start to move…it is clearly non-productive and that is to have this type of situation is a distortion. The big argument about excessively low interest rates for a very long period of time is that it warps the investment pattern on real investments," says Greenspan.

Of course that won't stop bubble bulls for crying out for Fed action when the market drops.

And it won't stop central banks from trying things.

But they don't work so that means they will not stop a bear market.

What they will do though is help fuel the bull market in gold.

That's why I own a core position in gold and believe everyone should too.

And it's also why I am betting against POS stocks!

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