Cramer Blames Stock Market Drops On "Angry Politics" (03/01/2015)

The stock market has been weak this year and bubble stocks have been getting hit the hardest.

In December Cramer pumped FIT shares on his show.

FIT was one of the top bought stocks in Ameritrader accounts that month.

It was a new stock with an insane valuation.

And after Cramer's pump it went straight down and crashed last month.

Instead of admitting that something is wrong with the stock market and that buying bubble stocks is now a losing game Cramer throws a fit in this video and blames the losses on "angry politics."

Cramer is scapegoating the exact same way he implies Trump is doing.

Sometimes I try to like Cramer, but I am deciding to never do that again.

People need to take responsibility for their investing decisions and he is actually now causing people more harm then good.

And in this market betting against Ameritraders and Cramer maniacs is the way to profit.

The stock market is not falling because people are watching Trump talk and are running to sell stocks.

I do not know of a single person who has done that.

It is dropping because this is a bear market and in bear markets garbage stocks like FIT crash.

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