Noted Historian Explains How NSA Is Creating A New Form of Government (02/18/2016)


We Americans have put "all our faith in the intelligence agencies," author and historian Lloyd Gardner warns Salon.

Gardner is a well known "dean" of the study of American foreign policy.

He says:

If we look at the history of, say, Glenn Greenwald and Snowden or Chelsea Manning, the first line of attack by journalists has been on their personality, on their supposed character, on their eccentricities, and not focused on what the debate is really about. Particularly, that goes for liberal journalists who see the Snowden attacks – if you want to call them attacks – as attacks on the modern liberal state as it has evolved.

This has made them blind to some of the key issues about what’s going on here and about the tremendous expansion of the national security state and the power that it wields. I like to think of it this way: we no longer have an imperial president to worry about, but an imperial presidency. And the presidency is dominated, increasingly, by the intelligence community.

Full story here.

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