The "Conservative" Marco Rubio Supports Trillion Dollar Pork Program (02/05/2016)


Marco Rubio wants to increase the defense budget by a trillion dollars including $500 billion going to the F-35 pork plane. That is what is on his website. According to Fox News this makes him a "conservative"."

According to CNN:

The military risks committing itself to buying billions of dollars of F-35 fighter jets before they have demonstrated they are fit for combat, a new Pentagon report warns.

The development of the Joint Strike Fighter F-35, a fifth-generation stealth jet, has been beset by spiraling costs and schedule delays. The program's price tag is nearly $400 billion for 2,457 planes -- almost twice the initial estimate.

The F-35 is a Lockheed scam.

Marco Rubio is not a conservative, because he wants to increase the budget deficit just like Obama did.

For full story go here.

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