Jim Cramer Gives More Desperate Buys In Bear Market - Mike Swanson (01/19/2016)

In the face of declining stock prices in a bear market that is only beginning Jim Cramer got on this video and spit out a group of stocks for people to buy.

He cannot stop telling people to buy stocks in this market, because to do so would mean making his TV and video "producers" angry.

So he will continue to tell people to buy all of the way down.

In reality if you want to make money in this stock market the best way to do it is to bet against stocks.

Cramer mentioned Skyworks in this video segment.

He pumped it last year and Dave and I used that pump to recommend betting against it with puts that soared in value.

Dave sent me a video showing how he is making money in the market betting against stocks that suckers are buying.

To watch that video go here.

BTW - the insiders in Darden Restaurants have dumped MILLIONS of dollars worth of shares in the past two weeks.

They are not buying in this market, but are DUMPING on to gullabulls!

In this market you go with the insiders and not against them.

To find out how go here.

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