Jim Cramer Says You Must Ignore Stock Market Drops And Buy Stocks - Mike Swanson (01/14/2016)

Jim Cramer says you must ignore stock market drops and buy stocks.

He ignores the bear market trend and just says buy even if that means wiping yourself out.

He says ignore valuations and to ignore the disintegration in the stock market internal structure.

He can only say buy, because it is what his advertisers demand and his "programming" producers tell him to do.

So this year as the market continues lower he will keep saying buy over and over again as the market falls.

In reality most people do not need to buy more stocks now.

What they need to do is sell in order to have a cash reserve and diversify.

Insiders in the last quarter engaged in the fourth largest amount of historical insider selling in a single quarter ever.

I think they know more than Cramer.

And there is no reason why people should continue to hold the bag for insiders.

Apple insiders sold over 17% of their shares in the last six months.

But this is CNBC.

And the sad reality is that CNBC gives people what they want.

Very few people want to invest for real or be told they should sell and if Cramer told them that his ratings would totally collapse.

So he is trapped into talking the way he does.

The most active traders who tune into Fact Money and Cramer tend to simply "play" the stock market as if they are in casino.

They want constant trades and picks.

They do not care if they make money or lose money, because they just crave action.

The statistics from Ameritrade show that this is a fact.

You can read them here.

But it is also tough for the regular person to get out of the market when everything they see on TV is bullish.

Here is CNBC today talking about Fed official James Bullard suggesting that the Fed will not hike rates as much as people thought going into this year so things are "dovish" and good.

And Cramer is pumped on it.

The market is up so far today and my hope is that it finally bounces for a few days so that people can get out.

There is no doubt more insiders will sell.

Hopefully a few people who read this will too.

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