Cramer All Bulled Up Again Ahead of Fed Meeting - Mike Swanson (09/16/2015)

Cramer says that Fed will not raise rates, which will cause the dollar to tank and corporate earnings to soar as a result. Which in his mind will mean an incredible bull boom in stocks. Cramer is now fully back in the bull camp and no longer warns people to be careful in this new bear market when in reality they should be using this bear market rally to GET OUT.

"I think this is a huge call and, again, I remind you that if the dollar gets weaker then 2016 earnings estimates for all but the pure domestic companies will be going higher, which is something that could knock this bearish phase for so many international stocks right off its tracks," Cramer said.

Of course the biggest winner if the dollar falls will be gold.

But Cramer doesn't talk about that.

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