Jim Cramer Says Market Is "Normal" - Mike Swanson (03/11/2015)

Cramer did not "yell fire" in 2007.

Instead he told people to hold all of the way down.

In 2008 in the middle of the crash he told people to get out.

He was way too late.

He is saying not to worry now.

I think it is time to sell.

But few can.

People who see the market overvalued, see the Nasdaq go to 5000, see the internal deterioration, see all the signs of trouble and still cannot sell probably never will.

People who learned nothing from the last two bears markets are incapable of growing as a good investor. If you cannot learn then you cannot grow - and in the markets eventually you will be destroyed by a bear market if you continue to act like a child in dealing with them.

Bear markets do not require a financial crash or crisis to happen. They happen all of the time and are in fact "normal."

They have not been abolished no matter what many want to believe.

But I would say there has been nothing "normal" about the markets for years with Fed QE money operations and a 45 degree stairway to heaven momentum rally since 2012 with hardly any "normal" corrections to it, except one last October.

With Jeff Macke gone the bulls need someone new to follow and believe in, because they do no analysis when it comes to the markets except buy and believe. That's why CNBC is their main outlet for information and on the internet Macke was growing in stature.

But Macke showed his smarts and walked off into sunset right at the top of the Nasdaq so now the bulls have no choice but return to their Jim Cramer - who will guide them into oblivion.

Macke planned it last fall in a video in which he said the market was going to go to Nasdaq 5000, but then "you are on your own." He knew to get out.

Cramer can't. He's addicted to being on TV and to keep his TV show he must be bullish. He must give the masses what they want - and his Wall Street advertisers - which is a stock market pumping show!

In 2007 he gave out 3,458 stock picks on his "Mad Money Show."


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