The Iran Nuclear Threat - Mike Swanson (10/23/2014)


Every once in awhile you probably see an internet story about Iran building nuclear weapons.

Here is a video segment about reality.

There is a big lobby that works to make you very very scared of Iran and the nuclear threat.

The only problem is that it doesn't exist.

Several years ago the CIA concluded that Iran had no nuclear weapons program or any intention to ever create one.

The CIA concluded this way back in 2007 in fact.

You can read this for yourself here.

Nonetheless there are people that were claiming back then that Israel was going to attack Iran and that the Middle East would explode and your stocks would crash.

They repeated the war rumors for years.

There are reasons to worry about stocks now, but all the war talk was a big hoax.

And many fell for it - because frankly Americans are the most frightened and controlled people in the world.

They are scared all of the time.

That's why they have de facto given up the Bill of Rights for NSA spy programs that nullify them.

They are even too scared to allow their kids to go outside and play.

It's why when they see the stock market wobble bulls cry out for a new money printing program. They crave government action and think they are entitled to it in order to make their stocks go up forever even if that means destabilizing the rest of the American economy.

They don't care, because they are scared and unwilling to take responsibility for their own investment decisions. They believe investing means buying and believing forever.

To learn more about the reasons behind the Iran war hoax check out Gareth Porter's book Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.

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