Fred Dunsel and Tim Bellamy Have Been Fired - Mike Swanson (07/01/12)

WSW Articles: 

Tim Bellamy and Fred Dunsel have been fired - terminated - let go. They are no more. Wish them luck in finding employment elsewhere.

You no longer will see new posts with their names on them published on this site ever again. There no longer will be bland news articles written only to please Google published on this site.

Enough with robots and search algorithms.

Google rewards websites who give it what it wants with more traffic - which is constant fresh constant content about news items or about keywords that people are searching for - but to please Google means losing focus on what is the most important thing and that is good quality content.

I am going to rededicate the focus of this website to the one simple and single goal of providing you with good content and having fun. That means to hell with Google and goodbye to Fred and Tim, because they rarely are able to provide something that is really worth your time to read. Their writings are good for robots, but not so good for real people.

This site is better with one or two new posts at the top of this site a week from me then dozens of junk posts a week from them.

Why am I making this change?

First they are annoying to many people on this site that have been long-term members. I don't need to tell you about that, because you probably already know.

Secondly, I was looking at the site the other day and saw all their articles on the front of it and thought to myself that those articles are dominating the site too much. It makes the website look stupid and useless. What I want to do is help people with what I put on this site and enjoy writing and connecting with people. I realized that those articles by Tim and Fred are hurting those goals while annoying everyone else.

I am going to write more stuff about what I want to write about. Google seeks to pigeonhole websites by categorizing them. But I'm going to start to write about some other things beyond investing that interest me too including some big projects I'm working on.

I plan on making the free sort of content on this site reflect that and be a little more personal about stuff I'm doing and revamp the Power Investor Service over the next few months too to make it better especially once I start to take some real positions in the market. Stay tuned for more.


Good move. I always tried to ignore their posts. Reduced the credability of your site in my humble opinion.

Always enjoyed your analysis and enjoy some insight's in your personal life.

Have a great day.

Peter bazinet

Thanks Mike, if WSW was publicly traded, I would definitely buy! I am looking forward to these changes and your insights.

Best news I've heard today....mind you, it's still early:)

Thanks Mike.

\\// It would be illogical to assume that all conditions remain stable

Good to see this change Mike. Best,
Barry Young

They were real then? I never could decide between robots, aliens or bozos.

move in my opinion. This blog has been something special and that was being diluted, now back on track. Love it, Bud

If they can't think OR write, what else is left? If this is (was, praise be) journalism, let 'em sweep floors for a living... but only if they're good at it.

The other sentiments on this post echoed. Nice move. Guck Foogle.

This will help return this sight to the high quality we had come to expect!! I also appreciate it
when you share both your experienced background and your technical analysis of what is happening
or what to watch for at key inflection points in the market.

All the best!

Chanie Rothman

Was not sure why you brought these 2 guys in initially. They were slightly better than spam material.
Does google provide you a lot of revenue? Anything I buy on amazon, I use the link on your website so you get some commission.

The google ads make almost no money. This website gets decent traffic and the ads still don't make much. You really can't make money from google ads unless you are getting a million visitors a month or something crazy. What it was doing was getting traffic though to get people to sign up to the newsletter, but in the long-run don't think it is worth it because it clutters the website up too much and makes it look bad. One thing about the internet if you try focus on a way of getting traffic then you will end up catering to that source. So for example if you try to get search engine or free google traffic you will be forced to spit out constant spam like content like you were seeing. IF you try to get people from facebook by setting up a "fan" page and getting people to like it you will do best if you turn yourself into a social media clown. I just thought to myself the site is losing its real purpose and just not worry about getting traffic really there are already enough people as it is and word of mouth beats everything.

What I would like to see is some ratings on Gold and Silver mining stocks.
Not ratings as to buy or sell at the time of the writing, but some insight as to the potential of the company- is it pie in the sky (pump and dump), has proven reserves, making money, etc., so if the charts say buy in the future, we'll know what we are dealing with.

Mike, I wholeheartedly support your passion for a quality site. I have always appreciated your ability to see through the noise, making improvements as necessary to make this site educational and fun. I enjoy my membership.

<:o) Bo

Sorry if I missed it, but what happened to Kaibo?

what's kaibo?

Sorry Mike, I have been away from my computer. Kaibo was posting from mainland China, and I believe he was purported to be Ausie. He was not a member of WSW, but had been adding some colorful content from time to time. Don't agree with all he says, just as anyone, of course, but well worth the read.

Good move, Mike what with bouncing those two bounders... they did not particularly annoy me, but that was largely because I never took the time to read what they were saying... I guess that is another way of saying that I won't be missing them any time soon... kudos for trying to keep the quality high and the clutter low on the site.

Although I never read the two post sources, I think I stopped reading most everything else when they came on and now I'm reading posts here again. I must have unconsciously been overwhelemed by the magnitude of the content.

Thanks mike for making the site better. I do think you were a little harsh about your announcement of firing them. Unless they totally screwed you over.
Thanks again.

It ain't a big deal to them wasn't paying them much and they do same thing for lots of other websites.

Don't know what happened, but my comment was lost and somehow this appeared under Permalink's heading?

Anyway, I wanted to say that I liked his suggestions earlier for more of your analyses of potential miners to watch; quality vs. trash. Your picks in years past were great!

Now if only those hotties could give me a good tip. uh wait, invert that!

Good decision, time to pop the champagne!

Mike if you miss them i can write you a small batch file to replace them for more free books :)


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