Last month gold managed to close above $1600 in a move that completely destroyed the predictions some were making for a gold collapse this year.  In early January gold made a temporary peak on the evening that Iran launched missiles into Iraq during the Trump/Iran confrontation dance.  Gold pulled back the next day and some thought that move was going to put in a major top for the year.

They were wrong as all gold, silver, and the mining stocks did was pause and consolidate to work off their big gains of last year.  Last year the GDX gold stock went up 38.8% while the S&P 500 went up 28.7% and the miners are going up more once again.  NEM mining made a new high last week while the stock market faltered.  I talked about the situation in the financial markets in this update posted on Youtube on 03/07/2020.


Gold, silver, and mining stocks are quickly becoming the necessary investments to own in a portfolio as they are now outperforming the stock market.  Buying them is not about "safety" or "insurance" against some future theoretical disaster scare event, but is simply a way to take advantage of the fact that they are where the money is starting to flow. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates last year and the Fed Fund futures market is pricing in a 90% chance of at least another rate cut before the end of this year.

Every year sees the start of a big sector play that creates big returns for those that get in early.  You saw that with blockchain in 2017 and cannabis stocks in 2018.  Gold took off through $1350 last year and is rising above $1600 this week.  I believe that a year from now in 2021 all people will be talking about are mining stocks.

This is why I am now releasing my Total Gold Trading Program that includes a free 90-day membership to my private trading group worth more than the price of the offer!

However, this offer will go down when gold closes above $1710.  I'm not a "Fast Money" type of guy that tells you to chase whatever popular stock is up the most that day, but someone who believes in getting in early on a trend.

It doesn't matter if gold makes that move tomorrow or next week, because this offer is going down either way once it happens.

Here is what you'll get once you grab this deal.


The first thing you'll get is my special report on my top five mining stocks to buy now.

These are stocks that I own myself.  Some of the type of stocks I buy are big cap mining stocks and some of them are small acorn stocks trading less than 20 cents a share that I think can double or triple in price in the coming months.

The reason I am so excited about these stocks is that I know what they can do.  Let me show you an example of one that is not in this report.  For example I bought shares of Wallbridge Mining back in 2016 under 10 cents and today it is trading over 30 cents.  I sold my shares, but still have warrants in the stock (those are long-term options).

I also bought several mining stocks that have already doubled in price and have market caps over a billion dollars paying dividends so big stocks move too.

This report will give you the top five mining stocks that I think are going to go up the most the rest of this.  And this offer will go down once gold closes above $17010, because I fully expect for these stocks will skyrocket when that happens - which means that it'll be too late to use this report!

So I must get this report into your hands now.

And once you grab this offer you'll also get my private trading alerts and updates with a trial to my Power Investor group.

This is important, because you'll also find out about a small cap mining stock that I am just buying now.  I believe it is in the same spot that Aftermath Silver was in back in June when it was under 8 cents.  It went up to over 50 cents by New Years.  Only members of my private Power Investor group know about this new stock, because they are always the first to know.


The Power Investor trading service is my private institutional level trading group.  Once you are in it you'll have access to my Top Seven Trades.  You'll also get an alert every single time I sell one of these seven positions or buy a new one.

Stock picks are important, but being in this group will take you to a higher level.

Every Sunday you'll also get my strategy report as I plan ahead for every single trading week to take advantage of what I believe are the best opportunities going forward.  It is important to plan ahead in the markets (that's why we are in the gold trend so early in the group) in order to win.  The masses don't do that at all and that's probably the biggest reason so many people always end behind the curve in the markets.

During the trading week I also do a private video mastermind sessions for group members.  As a member you'll get access to this video updating you on what is happening in the markets and new trades ideas I see coming.

And you can always email with any questions you may have as a member.

Most trading services like this sell for $1,500 to up to $3,000 on the internet for 12 months of access.  This one sells for $291 a quarter, but by grabbing my Total Gold Trading Program for $197 you'll essentially get $291 worth of free access to my private trading group for free.

So to be clear and make sure you don't miss this - once you grab the program you'll have a free 90-day trial to the Power Investor group.  The Power Investor Service renews at the price of $291.00 every 90-days for a quarterly membership period.  Your first 90-days are free as a trial membership.  If you decide it is not for you all you have to do is cancel before the 90-day trial period is over and you will not be charged anything beyond your payment for the Total Gold Trading Program.  You can cancel by contacting us or by contacting the billing company and you'll get an email reminder before it renews to make things easy for you.



Now to help get you up to speed on the gold market my Total Gold Trading Program comes with a complete course on how to trade gold, mining stocks, and even how to get into private insider deals no one will tell you about anywhere else.


This series of six video modules is perfect for beginners or seasoned traders alike who want to get involved and master the gold markets. 

These modules will show you how to get into insider gold mining deals, how to pick the best mining stocks, how to construct your own gold trading system via the ultra ETF's, and how to use our model rebalancing portfolio system involving one simple trade a week in gold.  This system is not a black box system or one using complicated indicators, but one based on a simple mathematical principle.

Once you buy it you will get instant access to these videos and accompanying PDF materials.

Here are the modules you will get:


I firmly believe that there is nothing better that you can do today than to grab this course, get my top five stocks, and into my private trading group.  Is there anything else like this to take advantage of this trend anywhere?

Act now and you'll get all of this for only $197.

The Power Investor Service renews at the price of $291.00 every 90-days for a quarterly membership period.  Your first 90-days are free as a trial membership.  If you decide it is not for you all you have to do is cancel before the 90-day trial period is over and you will not be charged anything beyond your payment for the Total Gold Trading Program.



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