I have pulled down my courses and products on my website and have nothing to sell you at this time.

The reason why is that I try to time the sell of my products to when major moves are about to take place in a financial market that I think we can benefit from in the short-term.

I have found over the years that when people buy a financial product that they expect to make money fast, but good trades come when you let a good situation line up to maximize risk to reward paramenters. 

In today's day and age people have zero patience and want instant results.

That simply cannot happen at any single moment, so I try to wait for a good moment to sell my products and get people into my private investment group. That way they see that the information is real and that it works.

In between the sell of my products I do my best to give people on my free email list free information and work on developing new products and information for release.

Right now I am working on something I call Project B and am being inspired by this video.

This above video clip is titled Breaking Biases and is from the movie Money Ball.  It is all about how to find gaps using stats and trends that no one is looking at.  I am getting ready to apply this concept to the financial markets.

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